Ponzi Case Websites

Often, a supervising court will appoint a bankruptcy trustee or equity receiver to oversee the marshaling and recovery of assets for victims of a particular Ponzi scheme.  Such a decision is often linked to the size of potential losses, as the costs of such an appointment are meant to be offset by future recoveries made possible through litigation and asset recovery efforts.  In addition to serving as a resource for victims and interested parties, these websites also serve as a central repository for case filings, updates from the Receiver/Trustee, and other important functions.  They are compelling resources, and this page will be regularly updated with links to these sites.


Ponzi Scheme: Arthur Nadel

Estimated Losses: Approximately $160 million

Website: www.nadelreceivership.com


Ponzi Scheme: Bernard Madoff

Estimated Losses: $17 billion

Website: www.madoff.com


Ponzi Scheme: R. Allen Stanford

Estimated Losses: $7 billion

Website: http://www.stanfordfinancialreceivership.com/


Ponzi Scheme: Ronnie Gene Wilson - Atlantic Buillion & Coin

Estimated Losses: $57 million

Website: http://www.receiverwilsonabc.com/


Ponzi Scheme: Zeek Rewards

Estimated Losses: $600 million

Website: www.zeekrewardsreceivership.com


Ponzi Scheme: Edward T. Stein Associates, Ltd.

Estimated Losses and/or Funds Raised: $30 million



Ponzi Scheme: Trevor Cook/Patrick Kiley/Bo Beckman - Crown Forex, Oxford Global Managed Futures Fund

Estimated Losses and/or Funds Raised: $300 million

Website: http://www.cookkileyreceiver.com/


Ponzi Scheme: James Temme/Stewardship Fund

Estimated Losses and/or Funds Raised:$35 Million

Website: http://www.stewardshipfundreceivership.com/


Ponzi Scheme: Heartland Financial

Estimated Losses and/or Funds Raised:$29 Million



Ponzi Scheme: MAK 1 Enterprises Group LLC

Estimated Losses and/or Funds Raised:$15 Million



Ponzi Scheme: Wealth Pools

Estimated Losses and/or Funds Raised: $66 Million

Website: www.wealthpoolsreceiver.com


Ponzi Scheme: Matthew La Madrid / Plus Money Premium Return Funds

Estimated Losses: $30 Million 

Website: http://fedreceiver.com/case_summary.html?12


Ponzi Scheme: Triton Financial / Kurt Barton

Estimated Losses: $75 Million

Website: www.tritonreceiver.com


Ponzi Scheme: Cash 4 Titles

Estimated Losses and/or Funds Raised: $315 Million

Website: www.c4t.net


Ponzi Scheme: Michael Kelly / Yucatan Investment Corporation

Estimated Losses and/or Funds Raised: $450 Million

Website: http://www.stengerlaw.com/MichaelEKelly.aspx?


Ponzi Scheme: David Ross / David Ross Group 

Estimated Losses and/or Funds Raised: $300 Million

Website: http://www.pwc.co.nz/ross-group/frequently-asked-questions/


Ponzi Scheme: Robert J. Andres, Robert L. Holloway / US Ventures and Winsome Investment Trust

Estimated Losses and/or Funds Raised$50 Million

Website: http://www.kleinutah.com/index.php/receiverships/us-ventures


Ponzi Scheme: Bruce Friedman / Diversified Lending Group

Estimated Losses and/or Funds Raised$126 Million

Website: http://www.diversifiedreceivership.com/


Ponzi Scheme: George Theodule / Creative Capital Consortium

Estimated Losses and/or Funds Raised$30 Million

Website: http://www.creativecapitalreceivership.com


Ponzi Scheme:  Joseph Signore, Paul Schumack / JCS Enterprises, T.B.T.I., Inc. 

Estimated Losses and/or Funds Raised$70 million

Website: http://www.jcs-tbtireceivership.com