This blog was formed to function as an educational resource for all information related to Ponzi Schemes. While many are no doubt familiar with the more well-known perpetrators such as Madoff or Stanford, few realize that hundreds of Ponzi schemes have been uncovered in just the last decade alone since Madoff’s scheme came to light. The true toll of these Ponzi Schemes on the economy is unknown, but this blog aims to provide a more detailed look into the just why and how Ponzi schemes have been able to proliferate at such an alarming pace. While many may perceive each Ponzi Scheme as a separate and unrelated event, most do not realize that each subsequent scheme involves the loss of investor capital, the depletion of investigative resources, and most importantly, the slow erosion of faith in the free market system.  This blog is intended to provide a unique insight into this age-old practice, while at the same time assembling a mechanism to track their occurrence and gain an understanding of the true toll, both economic and societal.

In addition to regular updates, the blog has also been constantly expanding to provide new features and resources.  One of these updates was Briefcache by Ponzitracker, a comprehensive database of thousands of legal pleadings culled from recent Receivership jurisprudence.  Another is the Ponzi Database, which is the only known database of all Ponzi schemes uncovered in the "Madoff Era" spanning the last ten years.  Finally, Ponzi Case Websites provides many known websites for receiverships or trustees appointed over Ponzi schemes.

Ponzitracker has been recognized by multiple organizations.  LexisNexis named Ponzitracker among the top twenty-five business law blogs in 2011, while the ABA Journal included Ponzitracker in its 2013 Blawg 100.  Ponzitracker is also ranked among the top 50 legal blogs on the internet by legal website Avvo.

About the Author

Jordan Maglich is an attorney at Quarles & Brady LLP in Tampa, Florida where is a member of the Litigation and Dispute Resolution Practice Group.  His practice focuses on commercial litigation, securities and financial services, and regulatory matters.  Jordan has extensive experience representing receivers appointed in connection with regulatory enforcement actions brought by federal and state regulators including the Securities and Exchange Commission, Federal Trade Commission, Florida Office of Financial Regulation, and the Florida Office of the Attorney General.   

Jordan is frequently quoted on issues relating to white collar crime and Ponzi schemes in regional and national publications such as the Wall Street Journal, the New York TimesMarketWatchThe Street, the Tampa Tribune, the Sarasota Herald Tribune, and the South Florida Business Journal. In addition to publishing articles on a variety of topics in Forbes and other publications, Jordan is also regularly asked to serve as a panelist or moderator on presentations relating to his practice areas.

To contact Jordan or for any media inquiries, please email him here.

You can follow Jordan on Twitter at @Ponzitracker.